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Use Whatsapp with a SIM card from MyPrivateHotspot.

Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible.

Can I use Whatsapp with my current (Dutch) number with a SIM card from MyPrivateHotspot?

Yes, if you want to use your current telephone with Whatsapp with your own number abroad, you don’t have to do anything.

How does this work?

You only need to exchange the SIM card of your current provider for a SIM card from MyPrivateHotspot.

I want to use another phone abroad, which does not yet contain a Whatsapp.

How do I transfer my Whatsapp (with Dutch number) to the other phone?

Step 1, place the SIM cards in the correct device.

* Dutch sim in your current telephone (telephone 1)

* MyPrivateHotspot sim in your phone that you use for abroad (phone 2)

Step 2, fully start both and check whether both phones are connected to the internet.

The device with the foreign SIM card (telephone 2) must be connected via Wi-Fi, since this SIM does not work in the Netherlands.

Step 3, download Whatsapp on telephone 2

Step 4, launch Whatsapp on Phone 2

Step 5, enter your Dutch number on telephone 2.

You will now receive a verification code on telephone 1.

Step 6, enter the received verification code on telephone 2.

Ready, you have now transferred Whatsapp to phone 2.


A laptop uses approximately 20MB per hour for normal surfing (no streaming). That is 10 times as much data as a smartphone. A tablet is somewhere in between. To calculate what you use per day, we refer you to the Consumption Calculator.  Click here.

The battery-free version is as large as a dongle. The version with battery is slightly larger: the size of a small cell phone.

You save around 95%, depending on the country where you are. But above all you do not have to pay attention to whether you go over a bundle and you also know for sure that you will not be charged afterwards. That’s a nice feeling.

Connect MyPrivateHotspot to a power source. (The version with battery: get a full battery and switch the device on). Find the WiFi signal “MyPrivateHotspot.com” and log in with the security code that is stuck on the stick. We recommend that you disable automatic updates and antivirus programs due to excessive data usage. Disconnect if you are not using the internet.

Roaming is the consumption via your own SIM card abroad. Your provider has agreements with foreign providers. The foreign provider recognizes your SIM card as to who the Dutch provider is and sends it a bill. Your provider sets its margin there and forwards the bill to you. That is why roaming is so expensive. We have already bought all of that from us, so you don’t have to worry. You do have to switch off the roaming function on your own equipment, otherwise you will still get a high bill (from your own provider).

You have already paid for MyPrivateHotspot before you receive it. You can never pay more than you have already paid. There are no extra bills for possible “use outside the bundle” as with your own provider. If you lose it, we will charge € 100.

You get MyPrivateHotspot in a prepaid return envelope, so you do it as soon as possible after returning to the bus. In Belgium we request that you return the Hotspot by registered mail.

You can use the internet with 5 devices at the same time. This is possible within a radius of approximately 20 meters from the MyPrivate Hotspot.

MyPrivateHotpot can be delivered with and without a battery. If you rent a WiFi stick, you automatically get a WiFi stick without a battery that you can plug into the socket (or into the cigarette lighter of the car or into a USB port of your laptop). If you want a copy with battery, you can indicate this during the ordering process.

The speed of the internet depends on the mast. When it is very busy, the internet becomes a bit slower. It may also be that there is a weak signal or that the transmission tower is far away. Even then the speed can be slower. In principle, MyPrivateHotspot can handle 7.2Mbps. That is fast enough to Skype.

If you want to use the internet without WiFi, you can rent or buy MyPrivate Hotspot. This is a small WiFi receiver / transmitter that allows you to receive your own personal WiFi signal wherever you are. It works for all your WiFi devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. There must be a GSM signal to be able to use the internet. Usually there is also internet with mobile coverage on your phone.

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