FASTROAM Worldwide WiFi Hotspot

Stay connected outside of free WiFi zones – without roaming costs – at the touch of a button – in 100+ countries

The Fastroam Worldwide WiFi Hotspot is especially developed for those of us that switch OFF roaming when on the move. This pocket WiFi Hotspot gives WiFi where there is no WiFi. Up to 10 devices can connect simultaneously. Connects in over 100 countries. Where there’s no WiFi, there’s Fastroam!

Zone 1: Europe – 33 countries. (1ct per text e-mail) 100MB/30days/€9.99

Zone 2: Europe + 33 countries : Anguilla Argentina Australia Bahamas Barbados Bermuda Brazil Canada China DominicanRepublic Egypt Grenada Guam Honduras HongKong India Israel Japan Malaysia Mexico Moldova Montenegro Paraguay Puerto Rico Qatar Russia Singapore Taiwan Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Ukraine United States (1.5ct per text e-mail) 100MB/30days/€13.99

Zone 3: Zone 1 + Zone 2 + 60 countries (3.7ct per text e-mail) 100MB/30days/€31.99

€99,95 includes the worldwide simcard without starter-credit

100MB = 1000 text e-mails  or  6 hours browsing  or  1 hour Skype VOiP.

Free international shipping!



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