Internet everywhere with Myprivate hotspot

Are you looking for a good way to use the internet while traveling? Do you not want to pay too much, but always have a good connection? Then you are at the right place at MyPrivateHotspot. We offer a service that works in many countries where there is no WiFi available. You then purchase a MyPrivate Hotspot from us, a Mifi channel that makes it possible to receive your own WiFi signal. This works with all WiFi devices that you have with you. For example, think of smartphones, tablets and laptops. You can count on it that if there is a GSM signal somewhere, you can also start using your own MyPrivate Hotspot.

Sim Cards

View all options for individual SIM cards that you can do in your own mobile!

Get started with Mifi and SIM cards

At MyPrivateHotspot we offer our customers the possibility to use the internet anywhere in the world. This is very simple for us. Make your order on our site. You can choose from a bundle that fully matches what you think you will use on your vacation. Indicate when you are traveling and wait a while until your order is delivered to you. You will then receive a MyPrivateHotspot that makes wireless internet possible, without having to worry about high costs. With the help of this Hotspot and one of our SIM cards, a Mifi connection will be made, with which you can use the Internet in virtually any place you want to.

Want to know more about Mifi?

If you want to know more about how to use the internet with MyPrivateHotspot, we advise you to come and take a look at our website. We have an extensive section ready with answers to frequently asked questions. Of course you are always welcome to contact us once. We are ready to answer your questions about Mifi and SIM cards for you, so that you will soon make the right choice if you want to be able to use the internet while traveling.

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